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YouTube SEO Tips 2017

YouTube SEO Tips 2017 – The Evolution Continues

YouTube is always evolving and there are some YouTube seo tips 2017 that will apply to this year and beyond.

YouTube SEO Tips 2017Around 300 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every single minute! Also consider this – almost 5 billion videos are watched on YouTube every single day. 8 out of 10 people aged between 18-49 watch YouTube in an average month.

YouTube has become the second most popular search engine behind Google. This of course comes as no surprise considering YouTube is actually owned by Google.

YouTube SEO Tips 2017 – On Page SEO

If you would like to check out YouTube rankings then you will find the Google video search tool useful. Check it out here Google video search tool

Even for YouTube seo tips 2017 I recommend that you create a YouTube channel. This will contain all your videos, but more importantly will brand you. People will start to see that you are the go to expert for your particular niche. Having a good channel banner graphic or even a logo will help to give your channel that professional look. Once you have created your channel you can then start to upload some videos.

Your YouTube channel should be related to your niche. If you niche is about cars then your channel should be based around this same theme. Don’t go uploading any cooking videos to this channel as people will end up clicking away.

For your channel name, you could use a keyword related to your niche. Alternatively, if you have a brand name, then using that as your channel name will work just as well.

Try to create long videos as these tend to do much better on YouTube. By long I mean around 10-15 minutes. Obviously, you don’t want to bore your viewers so try to keep your content fun and engaging. Any video you create should be of good quality in terms of sound and audio. It is worth investing in a good quality microphone.

Also, your video should offer value to the viewer. The more value it is giving, the longer the person will stay watching it. YouTube takes watching time into account as part of its ranking factors so you need to try to create a video that people will watch for most or all of the way through.

Avoid stealing somebody’s video and uploading it as your own. Also, do not use any copyrighted videos. Your video should be something that YOU have created.


To find keywords simply go to YouTube and type a word into the search box. Notice how a list of suggested keywords appear.

YouTube SEO Tips 2017 - youtube keywords

You can use these keywords in the title of the video, YouTube tags and also the video description. You can also find good keywords using the Google keyword planner tool.



When adding tags, only add related tags to your main keyword or subject. If you start putting in unrelated tags then you could find your video is remove or account banned. Tags are important and if you use them wisely you can get great results when ranking your video. Tags are still relevant for YouTube seo tips 2017.


Try to write a lengthy description of around 300 or so words. Ensure your website link is at the top of the description. It can also work well at the end of the description. Ensure your keyword appears a few times in your description also, especially in the opening sentence.


You may think a thumbnail is not so important for YouTube seo tips 2017, but you would be wrong. YouTube will suggest a thumbnail, but if you upload your own image it will help with SEO optimisation of the video. Your keyword should appear in the thumbnail filename.

Social Sharing

Social media is as popular as ever these days and videos work particularly well on these sites. You will need to have an account on sites such as:


Share your video on these sites. The more social signals your video gets the better it will do in the rankings.

Generally, in terms of YouTube seo tips 2017, the #1 ranking factor tends to be user engagement.

This covers things like:

  •     “Watch time” (how long people are watching your videos for)
  •     The number of links and embeds your video has on other sites
  •     Sharing rate (social)
  •     The number of subscribers a channel has ( we are talking only real subscribers)

You should also transcribe your video and upload it to YouTube as part of your video optimisation.

This essentially means taking the audio of your video and typing it out as text. The transcript file should be a plain text file, with no special characters. It should document each spoken line of dialogue in the video. Make sure you speak out any keywords used – this is quite important. Take care not to go stuffing too many keywords into the audio and transcription. Ait to keep things natural. Once you have completed this then upload it to your YouTube video.

YouTube SEO Tips 2017 – Off Page SEO

It is worth understanding the differences between the YouTube and Google algorithm.

The YouTube Algorithm concentrates mainly on user engagement. By this I mean it looks at the number of views, likes, comments and subscribers that the video has.

The Google Algorithm also concentrates on user engagement, but it also gives priority to whether or not the page has built any Quality Backlinks.

If you are intending to use YouTube seo tips 2017 and rank your YouTube videos on Google then you need a particular set of backlinks called high TF, High CF, DA, authority backlinks.

Create what are known as Web 2.0 properties on sites such as Weebly, Blogger, Tumblr, Joomla and WordPress. Create some unique posts about your niche on these sites. Add images with alt tags. Finally embed your video on the post.

Avoid using services that offer to provide likes, views and comments for YouTube videos. Doing this can harm your rankings and you could find your video is deleted, or worse still, your channel is removed.

I hope these YouTube seo tips 2017 will help you to rank your videos and bring good traffic to your sites also.