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How to Install WordPress Theme

How to Install WordPress Theme – A better Experience

The standard WordPress theme is a little bland and it is definitely worth thinking about how to install WordPress theme designs that offer the user a better experience.

You’ve bought your domain and added it to your hosting. Now you are ready to install WordPress on the domain and get started creating your all singing all dancing new website. You download WordPress to your domain and take a look at your first effort in your browser. At first glance it does not look great. Why is this and what can you do to improve it?

The good news is that WordPress comes with many alternative themes for you to install and yes, many of them are completely free to use. You will soon find one to your liking and won’t be worrying any longer about how to install WordPress theme designs.

How to Install WordPress Theme – The Responsive Theme

One theme I have used in the past is free and is called ‘Responsive’. It is called ‘Responsive’ because it can be used in a number of environments.

How to Install WordPress ThemeThe technology world is always evolving and the last few years have seen dramatic change. Now we don’t just use PC’s to look at websites. We now have tablets, smartphones, TV’s etc. It is no longer feasible to use a WordPress theme that will just work on a PC.

When thinking about how to install WordPress theme designs consider a theme that can be viewed on a number of devices. If the theme is designed solely for the PC then it won’t look good on a phone or tablet if it has not been optimised for them.

It is important your site looks presentable. Obviously if your site is a blog related site then the look is perhaps not so important for say a site that is business orientated. That said, for any type of site it is worth understanding how to install WordPress theme designs in case you have a change of heart and want a new look to the site.

Don’t worry if you feel you won’t be able to revert back to the theme you had before. You can, and it is very easy. Essentially all you do is install the old theme again and it overwrites the existing one, it only takes a couple of clicks of the mouse. Don’t fret too much over how to install WordPress theme designs, it really is not difficult once you get the hang of it.

Personally I like my websites to have a clean look and I tend to plum for a white background when I look at how to install WordPress theme designs. Not everyone will like this look and will opt for something more suitable to their taste.

How to Install WordPress Theme – The Install Process

If you want to install WordPress theme manually then do the following. When in the WordPress dashboard do a search for themes. You will find a variety of good ones to choose from. Something will suit your needs. Once you find a theme you like then click the install button next to it. Once it is installed you will see a link to activate that theme. Click that and you will have a new theme installed. Take a look at it in the browser to see if it meets your needs.

You can also install third party themes and they are normally in a zip file format. You need to upload these to your WordPress area on your hosting. Upload the ZIP file containing your theme to the /wp-content/themes directory. Then go into your WordPress dashboard and from the Appearance menu, select Themes. In the Available Themes section. Under your Premium WordPress Theme, click Activate.

Never again should you worry over how to install WordPress theme designs.

Never Be Stuck Again Setting Up Or Customising Your WordPress site

how to install WordPress theme


WordPress 5 Minute Install

WordPress 5 Minute Install – Create Websites Quickly and Easily

WordPress is known for being the most popular blogging platform and content management system and all you will need to do to get started is a simple WordPress 5 minute install.

wordpress 5 minute installSome use WordPress for blogging purposes while others may create full blown business websites. One thing is for certain, WordPress allows you to quickly create stunning looking websites with the minimum of fuss.

If you don’t want to go down the road of learning HTML, CSS, Javascript and all the other language and design skills associated with traditional website creation then save yourself a lot of pain, and in many cases money, by opting for WordPress and doing a WordPress 5 minute install. Following a good WordPress 5 minute install video will help you greatly.

WordPress 5 Minute Install – No Coding Needed

If for example you suddenly decided you needed a contact form on your website how would you go about it? Well the traditional way would be to code something or hire a programmer to do it for you. This could become an expensive way of going about things. With WordPress however all you need to do is install a plugin. Think of this like an app on your mobile phone. The plugin is downloaded to WordPress, activated and you are given a full blown contact form on your website. Simple, and all after you did a WordPress 5 minute install. No coding was needed at all. Many of these plugins are free to use also.

It makes me wonder if all websites will eventually be built in this way and whether there will be much demand for web developers in the future. WordPress is not the only blogging platform however, there are a few others. Google for example has it’s own one called blogger. However, WordPress is the most popular and it has been rumoured that Google tends to love WordPress built sites.

WordPress 5 Minute Install – Themes, Photos & Video

There are many site themes to choose from and a lot are actually free. Installing a theme is easy as a WordPress 5 minute install and a good theme will go a long way to giving your site a professional look. Don’t settle for the default WordPress theme – it’s not great.

Photos, audio and video can also be added to your site quite painlessly. It’s as simple for example as embedding a video directly from YouTube. You can also easily add social media features to help with getting traffic back to your website.

Before doing a WordPress 5 minute install though you are going to need a domain and somewhere to host it. For example you can host your domain at Hostgator, BlueHost etc. There are many hosting companies out there to choose from. Some are better than others so ensure you do some research before making a decision.

Your hosting provider will probably provide a WordPress installation facility. It’s normally a quick process requiring not more than a few mouse clicks. Before installation can take place you need to select the domain that you wish to install WordPress on. You cannot install onto nothing so ensure you have purchased a domain and added it to your hosting provider.

Once you have done a WordPress 5 minute install ensure you make a note of the login and password details you are given.

Never Be Stuck Again Setting Up Or Customising Your WordPress site

WordPress 5 minute install