Embed YouTube Video in WordPress

Embed YouTube Video in WordPress

These days it is no good to have static text blogs and you should think about how to embed YouTube video in WordPress. It is better to introduce more visual elements such as photos and video. Fortunately WordPress has some features which make adding video easy.

embed youtube video in wordpressIn this media driven world everyone is using video and if you don’t then you are missing out. True some people prefer to read text rather than watch a video. However, we live in a visual world and having video on your

website can certainly prove eye catching as well as be informative.

If you own the video you can host it on your hosting. Personally I find it easier to embed YouTube video in WordPress and pull in videos from YouTube. You can host your video there or use an existing one. Having a video on YouTube also means traffic can be directed from there to your website.

Don’t forget YouTube is a 24/7 platform so while you are asleep people can be watching a video on your website which is actually coming from YouTube.

Another advantage on using videos from YouTube is that you don’t need any special plugin or video player on your website. The process to embed YouTube video in WordPress is a straightforward affair. Essentially you grab some special code from YouTube for the particular video you want to embed on your website.

So how do we embed YouTube video in WordPress?

Embed YouTube Video in WordPress – Getting Started

Firstly you need to create a post in WordPress to hold the video. Head over to the WordPress dashboard and create a new post. This is the first task you will need to do if you want to know how to embed a YouTube video in WordPress blog posts. Next head over to YouTube and look for the actual video you want in order to embed YouTube video in WordPress.

Underneath the video you will see the word ‘Share’. Click this and a set of colourful buttons will appear with a web link in a box. Just above this you will see the words ‘ Share Embed Email’. Click on the word ‘Embed’.

Now you will see a line of strange looking characters. Don’t worry, all you need to do is put your mouse cursor on this line and copy it. The line may start with something like this

<iframe width=”

Make sure you copy the whole line as if you are missing one character the video may not play at all. It may be worth temporarily pasting the code into Notepad or something similar so that you are able to refer to it for this task.

Now head back to your new WordPress post and get ready to embed YouTube video in WordPress.

In the editor you will notice two tabs – one is labelled Visual and the other is labelled Text. Switch to the one called text. This is where you should paste in the video code. You will need to create some space in the text to add the video so take care you don’t accidentally remove anything.

If you are unfamiliar with how to embed YouTube video in WordPress then I would suggest putting any text currently in the editor area into Notepad and paste it back into the editor if you accidentally make a mistake. To be safe it would be better to just go to a blank area in the editor post and paste in the code line.

Embed YouTube Video in WordPress – Playing the Video

If you switch back to the visual area by clicking on the Visual tab you will see a big coloured square. This is the placeholder of your video. Don’t panic if the video is not showing and you cannot see it playing. You won’t see the video until you publish the post.

I hope this has given you an idea of how to embed YouTube video in WordPress.

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how to embed YouTube video in WordPress