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How Much Traffic Does Pinterest Get

How much traffic does Pinterest get? Pinterest is yet another social network and can best be described as an online scrapbook.

How Much Traffic Does Pinterest GetThe way it works is that you create a pin board and add what are called pins. Each pin will contain something of interest. It could be a picture or quote that you like, a recipe, or anything that you think others will like. The person that likes your pin may then pin it to their own pin board. It’s a good way of getting traffic to your websites or offers.

Pinterest helps you find and organize pictures, ideas and other interesting things. A Pinterest pin can include internet links, photos, videos, animations etc.


How much traffic does Pinterest get – Facts about Pinterest

When thinking on how much traffic does Pinterest get, keep in mind that Pinterest is ranked the 3rd most popular social media site. It drives more traffic than Google+, Linked-In and YouTube combined. 70%. of the market visits Pinterest to get inspiration on what to buy. The average Pinterest purchase is $140 to $180. On Facebook, it is half this amount. Pinterest generates over 400% more revenue than Twitter and 27% more than Facebook.

Why should you use Pinterest?

People like to show off things that they like. You may choose to use Pinterest to find inspiring artwork, to try new recipes, to find things to make you smile, or even to discover travel destinations that interest you.

If you are a business wondering how much traffic does Pinterest get and are looking for a new promotion source, then Pinterest may be the solution for you. Businesses can use Pinterest to advertise and promote themselves to potential customers.

How much traffic does Pinterest get – How does Pinterest work?

First head over to Pinterest and sign up for an account. It’s completely free and the setup is pretty easy also. Once you are signed up, your next step is to go and create some new custom boards. You can create a board for any topic you like. You may choose for example to have one board for recipes and another board for travel destinations.

Now you need to go and add pins to the board you created. There are a couple of ways of doing this. You can either create your own pins using files from your computer or add pins that others have created. You will start to see how much traffic does Pinterest get when your boards are set up well.

You also have the option of connecting with your friends and family by linking your Pinterest account to your other social media accounts such as Twitter, Facebook, Google+, etc. This enables you to collaborate on boards together as well as share content.

How much traffic does Pinterest get – Pinterest for business owners

If you don’t use Pinterest as a marketing tool for your business, you could be missing out on sales. The good news is that you don’t need to have an expensive website that can cost you thousands to get started.

You don’t need to create a sales or video page to promote your product or services. Also, you don’t need to go buying banner ads, solo ads, pay per click or anything like that to get your business noticed. All you need is a free Pinterest business profile. Then just start to pin eye catching photos that link back to your website. How much traffic does Pinterest get when you start to do this? You will soon find out.

You don’t even need your own product. You could sell affiliate products or even products from Amazon. You don’t have to stock these products of course, but will make a percentage of the sale.

I recommend when setting up your Pinterest account to add a logo as a profile picture. Studies have shown that people tend to stay on a page longer when there is some kind of branding going on. Whatever social media site you use, it is better to be consistent and try to use the same branding on all sites. That way people start to recognise and connect with your brand.

How much traffic does Pinterest get when you add a call to action graphic as a pin? This is essentially telling the viewer what to do with your picture. By doing this you can increase your engagement and interaction by at least 80%. This will of course lead to more traffic for you.

Videos work really well on Pinterest. We are all attracted to visuals, but we are more attracted if we see someone in action and that is why videos work so well here. You can story tell about your business and people will really relate. You can do this in two ways. You can either pin a still video picture so that when a person clicks it leads back to your website where the video is playing. The other way is to have the video on the pin itself so that it plays inside Pinterest.

You can use videos to promote the product, use customer testimonials, or even teach how to use the product. Why not give something away free such as an e-book or guide and advertise this on your pin. When they click on the pin you can capture their email address via an opt in form and then take them to a download page to get the free product.

Pinterest is easy to use, fun and completely free. It is a great tool for finding and organizing things to save them for later. Start using this great site today and see how it can improve your marketing. How much traffic does Pinterest get for you when you start to make the most of it?

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