When the iPod was released I dabbled in creating video tutorials for it. I figured there may be some demand from people new to iPods. I sold a few of these on ebay. It was not a huge success by any means, but it gave a taste of what is possible.

I moved on to writing my own software and selling it on the internet. Simple MS Office related software, useful to anyone who was in the business world. That was back in the day when the internet was still fairly new. I was amazed to get a first sale from Costa Rica – of course I still have the receipt of that amazing milestone. From there things just snowballed and there are not many countries left that the software has not sold in.

Then it was a natural progression into e-books and video training courses. These also proved to be a big success and are still going strong today.

I enjoy developing new products – that seems to be what I am best at.

I also enjoy teaching others how to succeed online.

If you want coaching or advice please do not hesitate to contact me.